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Wakatobi: Your island paradise off the beaten track

Have you ever wanted to run away to an *almost* deserted tropical island where you have no modern technological distractions and only the weather and sun to guide your day? Well then you need to visit the island chain of Wakatobi in South East Sulawesi. The name of Wakatobi is an acronym of the first … Continue reading


An Ode to the Afternoon Down Pour in the Tropics

I love when it rains here. The sweet fresh smell of new life emerging from the previous dust and oppressive heat. The streets become deserted and only chickens are brave enough to strut up and down the rain drenched streets. Life returns to the trees. They take on once more a lush and deep green … Continue reading


Pulau Hari: The Jungle island

Only an hour drive and a short boat ride away from Kendari are a small group of islands off the coast of South East Sulawesi. Yet one of the islands stands out in contrast to its neighbours. Pulau Hari, pulau is the Indonesian word for island, is a mass of charcoal grey rocks faces rising … Continue reading


Don’t Worry Be Happy at Pulau Bokori

There is a small community of reggae enthusiasts here in rural South East Sulawesi. I never see them anywhere in town during the week except on Thursdays, when suddenly there are dreadlocked groups of young people congregating at Rock Cafe for the weekly reggae music night. In a town with no nightlife to speak of … Continue reading


A day trip to Pulau Lara

The best thing about living in this remote area of Indonesia is that there are so many little islands and hidden spots to explore that most people never make it to or even know exist. Pulau Lara, Pulau is the Indonesian word for Island, is one of these places that I went the other weekend … Continue reading


Reasons I love living in Rural Sulawesi:

No alarm: Unless I need to be awake really early for a work excursion, I wake up naturally anytime between 7am and 9am. It is such a luxury to never have to set an alarm and just wake up when your body naturally wants to. Have time for breakfast: I always eat breakfast I can’t … Continue reading


City Guide: Perth, Australia

Sitting on the bank of the mighty Swan River is the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth. Slowly creeping onto the world stage for its laid-back vibe and for its easy proximity to the surf and the bush this is a perfect travel destination. Perth is my city, my home and the one … Continue reading

Plastic, plastic everywhere. What to do when you just want a drop to drink without all of the plastic consequences? Photo credit: Twentyfour Students, Flickr

5 Tips to Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

Morgan Pettersson In the North Pacific Ocean, between California and Hawaii, floats an ever growing island. Yet, up close, this island is not what it appears from afar. It is actually a floating mass of marine debris and garbage. And the main component, you ask? Plastic. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch as it is called … Continue reading

The Lemaire Channel

Antarctic Expedition Travel Log:

I thought it was about to time to post more about the expedition that I went on to the Antarctic in March this year as an Antarctic Youth Ambassador. Below is the travel log that I wrote during the expedition, for more blog posts and video blogs from the expedition check out the expedition blog: … Continue reading


Selamat Datang di Kendari, Sulawesi

A woman zooms past me on a motobike her arm stuck out at a weird angle. It is not until we come to a stop side by side at the traffic lights that I realise that she is holding a live chicken by the feet. Young boys run past on their way home from school … Continue reading


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