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Coconuts and Wanderlust 

There is nothing quite like relaxing under a coconut tree with soft, warm, tropical light filtering through. Check the new Instagram: @coconutsandwanderlust for beautiful content, inspiration, exploration and more! Advertisements

Introducing my new book ‘Antarctic Youth Ambassador: protecting the last great wilderness on earth’

Read my new book, Antarctic Youth Ambassador: protecting the last great wilderness on earth. Journey with me from finding out that I had been chosen as an Antarctic Youth Ambassador, the trials and tribulations of fundraising $20,000, to making it to the ice and beyond. Intertwined into the narrative are facts about Antarctica, the Antarctic … Continue reading

Maravagi: The Best Snorkeling in the Solomon Islands

Want to take a day or weekend trip outside of hot and dusty Honiara and don’t know where to go? Well have no fear because the island of Maravagi will give you a slice of tropical paradise only a two hour boat ride away. The trip from Honiara to Maravagi is by small motorised boats … Continue reading

Welkom lo Solomon Aelans

Volcanic masses rise out of the ocean, covered in a mass of green interspersed by coconut trees. Fringed around these islands are reefs of the most exquisite fish and coral you may have ever seen. I am sitting on a beach, on a weekend escape, trying to take it all in. Suddenly a wooden dugout … Continue reading

World Cup Fever in the Solomon Islands

With only two matches left to be played to decide the winner of the 2014 FIFA world cup, I thought I would write about one country in particular that has caught world cup fever. The Solomon Islands. This island nation in the South Pacific has caught world cup fever hard and it seems like everyone … Continue reading

Wakatobi: Your island paradise off the beaten track

Have you ever wanted to run away to an *almost* deserted tropical island where you have no modern technological distractions and only the weather and sun to guide your day? Well then you need to visit the island chain of Wakatobi in South East Sulawesi. The name of Wakatobi is an acronym of the first … Continue reading

An Ode to the Afternoon Down Pour in the Tropics

I love when it rains here. The sweet fresh smell of new life emerging from the previous dust and oppressive heat. The streets become deserted and only chickens are brave enough to strut up and down the rain drenched streets. Life returns to the trees. They take on once more a lush and deep green … Continue reading

Pulau Hari: The Jungle island

Only an hour drive and a short boat ride away from Kendari are a small group of islands off the coast of South East Sulawesi. Yet one of the islands stands out in contrast to its neighbours. Pulau Hari, pulau is the Indonesian word for island, is a mass of charcoal grey rocks faces rising … Continue reading

Don’t Worry Be Happy at Pulau Bokori

There is a small community of reggae enthusiasts here in rural South East Sulawesi. I never see them anywhere in town during the week except on Thursdays, when suddenly there are dreadlocked groups of young people congregating at Rock Cafe for the weekly reggae music night. In a town with no nightlife to speak of … Continue reading