I belong with you, you belong with me in sweet harmony

The environment.

It is what sustains us.

It is what can provide us with food and the tools to create shelter.

It can help us to reap good crops, it can lead to drought and lack of resources.

Yet what I can not understand is that for many the environment is something that is not a priority.

It is simply something to be taken advantage of and plundered.

The environment, our earth and our lives are all intertwined and we need to start living with more conscience about our impact on our earth.

In Australia we have a reef that is part of the UNESCO world heritage list, the Great Barrier Reef.

It is an icon of our environment in Australia and a huge tourist attraction.

Yet even this beautiful and essential marine area which is home to some of the worlds most diverse marine life is in danger from our constant need to expand.

The Abbot Point Coal Port Expansion will become one of the biggest coal ports in the world right on the Great Barrier Reef!

Already new reports have emerged this year that the GBR is under threat already from the effects of climate change and coral bleaching and the reef is dying.

How can we be putting this reef in even more danger by building a coal port right on top of it?

More to the point, why are we even considering building a new port to export coal?

We should be investing our money in renewables and not anything to do with mining more coal to create more carbon emissions.

Sometimes this quote from J.K Rowlings Harry Potter stories strikes a chord with me ‘progress for progresses sake must be discouraged.’

Today is World Environment Day.World-Environment-Day

The day that we should be remembering that the environment is part of us, part of our lives and part of what keeps this earth going.

The environment should be thought about everyday not just one day a year.

We should all be making actions and conscious decisions every day towards living sustainably.

These days people don’t surround themselves with nature, instead many people live in concrete jungles.

Remember what was there before the concrete was, get in touch with nature and know how much better you are going to feel the more you embrace the environment and sustainability.

Every single person has the ability to make a small change towards making our world more sustainable.

You have the power to consume responsibly, to say no to plastic bags and to recycle.

I saw a great sentence on twitter today, about the fact that it is now ludicrous to think about smoking on an airplane, so what else do we want to be thought of as ridiculous in the future?

Environmental degradation maybe?


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