A day trip to Pulau Lara

The best thing about living in this remote area of Indonesia is that there are so many little islands and hidden spots to explore that most people never make it to or even know exist.

The jetty, only the worthy shall pass.

The jetty, only the worthy shall pass.

Pulau Lara, Pulau is the Indonesian word for Island, is one of these places that I went the other weekend with some friends.

An hours drive from Kendari through the jungle and small fishing villages we arrived at a jetty next to some traditional houses set on stilts over the water.

Jetty is a strong word, it was basically just a few pieces of timber hammered together and it was quite a precarious task of hopping and jumping across the pieces of wood 100metres out to sea.

The boat that was taking us out to the island was a small, traditional wooden fishing boat and we rocked gently too and fro as we passed by the jungle fringed coast line.

It only took about 30 minutes to make our way out to Palau Lara and arriving at the island made my 9 year old self very excited.

It was like coming across a deserted island from the adventure stories that I loved so much when I was young.

Lush green jungle spilled onto the white sand that was fringed by crystal clear, coral reef water.

The boat that we sailed on.

The boat that we sailed on.

Palm trees laden with coconuts were scattered everywhere and I half expected Captain Jack Sparrow to come striding out of the jungle with a bottle of rum.

Landing onto the shore line I immediately felt home and at peace.

It is interesting how places with no electricity, water or amenities but just the beautiful natural world have this effect one me.

Sitting under a palm tree for shade and snacking on fruit and nuts whilst chatting with my friends I had the urge to really take in this place solo.

I trekked down the beach as far as I could go to where the rocks barred my path and sat under a palm tree next to a fallen tree and wrote and thought and appreciated the magic of this

Clear blue skies and palm trees? What more could you possibly want.

Clear blue skies and palm trees? What more could you possibly want.

place, not even a pinprick on a map that I would never have travelled to if I did not happen to be living in South East Sulawesi.

Like most islands off the coast of Kendari there are stunning reefs surrounding the islands slowly getting more and more breathtaking as you make your way out to Wakatobi.

Diving down and swimming amongst the tropical fish and seeing the different corals was very refreshing, although a word of warning: the sun here is harsh, cover up and make sure you re apply sunscreen everywhere!

We had to wait for the tides to rise so that we didn’t need to slosh through the mud when we returned to land, but there were not complaints about sitting and relaxing on this island for a few hours.

If you ever travel through Indonesia consider adding Sulawesi to your list, it is one of the biggest islands in the

Secluded spots to sit and reflect.

Secluded spots to sit and reflect.

archipelago, and yet one of the least travelled to.

And if you do, come on over and check out South East Sulawesi, you never know what you might find.


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