Maravagi: The Best Snorkeling in the Solomon Islands

Want to take a day or weekend trip outside of hot and dusty Honiara and don’t know where to go?

Well have no fear because the island of Maravagi will give you a slice of tropical paradise only a two hour boat ride away.

The trip from Honiara to Maravagi is by small motorised boats called ‘banana boats’ that depending on the weather conditions can be a smooth ride or a wet and bumpy ride.

Either way the ride is spent sitting on small wooden panels that act as seats, bumping along the waves, girls a sports bra is recommended.

For the first part of the journey as you leave the island of Guadalcanal behind you will find the island of Savo on your left looming ever closer and the distant grey islands taking more shape.

You will want to keep looking out across the ocean, its also a good idea if you get sea sick, as you might spot a pod of dolphins or one of the many flying fish that look like big white bellied planes soaring out of the water for meters at a time.

Slowly the islands to your right will begin to take form and reveal themselves to you as you pass by and leave Savo behind on your left.

These islands including Savo and the Russell Islands  make up the Central Province of the Solomon Islands, one of nine provinces in the country.

Arriving into the Florida Islands you will begin to pass by smaller islands, covered in tumbling vegetation with small stretches of white sandy beaches, as well as larger ones with small clusters of houses in places.

Looking down into the deep blue water, it suddenly begins to change colour as the boat motor slows down and you enter the small cove where Maragavi Resort is based.

From the boat you will be able to see fish and coral through the azure crystal clear waters.

Jumping out of the banana boat and into the pebble covered cove you will be greeted with tropical flower leis and cool bush lime to drink by the owners of the resort.

Accommodation is in small wooden huts complete with balcony, mosquito nets and bathroom.

But lets be honest, you are not here to sit in a room all day, the reason you have travelled here is for what lies beneath the sea.

Diving into the crystal clear water from the small wooden jetty that juts out over the reef you will enter a world where coral and fish rule.

Here swarms of tropical fish dart between the soft corals and big schools of bait fish swarm around in a circle.

It will begin to feel as though the cast of Finding Nemo have turned up and put themselves on show for you.

There is a semi submerged ship wreck in a small cove to the right of the resort that you can snorkel over as well if eerie wrecks are your thing.

Out of the water there are hikes that you can do over the hills and to a nearby village or alternatively lots of opportunities to relax and marvel at the view of the islands opposite.

There are sun sets to be watched from the wooden jetty turning the sky brilliant shades of pink and orange, and sun rises to be viewed from around the corner towards the Malaitan Islands.

They say a picture is a thousand words so if you are not yet convinced then maybe these photos will change your mind:

sunrises in maravagi sunset viewings palm trees maravagi sunrises maravagi sunrises 2 maravagi resort maravagi reef maravagi sunsets OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


If you are searching for a weekend trip outside of Honiara or a great place to travel on from the capital then the islands of the Central Province provide the perfect mix of tropical paradise.

Maravagi Resort: the perfect place to stop and relax and get back to nature.


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