City Guide: Perth, Australia

Sitting on the bank of the mighty Swan River is the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth. Slowly creeping onto the world stage for its laid-back vibe and for its easy proximity to the surf and the bush this is a perfect travel destination. Perth is my city, my home and the one … Continue reading

We need to protect our environment

Yesterday myself and a fellow intrepid adventurer and environmental protector went on an adventure to two small islands near my house. I live on the West Australian coast near the Shoalwater Marine Park which is a protected marine sanctuary including two prominent islands, Penguin Island and Seal Island. Both islands are named after the inhabitants … Continue reading

Surprise DNA extracted from ancient poo

A MASS OF 30,000-YEAR-OLD waste material has become the oldest environmental sample from which DNA has been obtained in Australia. In another first, while it was previously thought unrealistic to extract DNA from hot, arid environments, the middens in question were located in the Pilbara region of WA, where temperatures soar. Pilbara DNA extracted from hot, … Continue reading

On this day: Ned Kelly is hanged

ON 11 NOVEMBER, 1880, notorious bushranger and infamous Australian character Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly was hanged for murder at the Melbourne Goal. Kelly and his gang were infamous through Australia in the 1870s for highway robbery, bank swindles and confrontations with local police. After going on the run in 1878, the gang also constructed unusual bullet-proof, … Continue reading

Build a Solar Thermal

“Yeah, yeah. build a solar thermal, yeah, yeah. and down with gas, boom boom” This chant has been stuck in my head for the last week straight, amongst others. Every time I stop for a moment the memory of the rally in Adelaide comes flooding back. It has taken me a long time to write this … Continue reading

Walk for Solar

I am currently writing in the middle of no where in South Australia on day eleven of the 14 day Walk for Solar. The property we are staying on tonight is a farmers property, with chickens criss crossing between our feet, and earlier the farmer brought over five six week old puppies, which considerably lightened everyone’s mood. We … Continue reading

Today I am Dreaming About……

Today I am dreaming of eating arepa again in the my friends cousins kitchen in Cali, Colombia. The same friend who I met whilst floating down the Nile on a faluca in Egypt. The Nile. That after watching Joanna Lumleys journey down it has made me want to travel it too. Of being stranded on a … Continue reading

My Climate Change Action Story

*This blog post was written for the EmpowerWA website about why I volunteer with the AYCC* They say that young people are the future world leaders. Well I believe this is false. Young people to me are the world leaders of today, and young people have so much power to sway public policy and opinion … Continue reading

City Highlight: Kayaking to Penguin Island

Morgan Pettersson gets away from the suburban streets of Perth and kayaks her way to Penguin Island. Set amongst some of the beautiful Western Australian coastline, Penguin Island and Seal Island offer an escape for those wanting to venture out and get an island feel close to home. Both islands form part of the Shoalwater Marine … Continue reading

Kayaking to Penguin Island

By Morgan Pettersson. Set amongst some of the beautiful Western Australian coastline, Penguin Island and Seal Island offer a beautiful escape for those wanting to venture out and get an island feel close to home. Penguin Island and Seal Island are both part of the Shoalwater Marine Park located 50 kilometres south of Perth. The … Continue reading