We need to protect our environment

Yesterday myself and a fellow intrepid adventurer and environmental protector went on an adventure to two small islands near my house. I live on the West Australian coast near the Shoalwater Marine Park which is a protected marine sanctuary including two prominent islands, Penguin Island and Seal Island. Both islands are named after the inhabitants … Continue reading

Go South

“The greatest threat to our world is the belief that someone else will save it” Robert Swan (OBE), polar explorer. This statement sums up my life outlook currently. We all have the power to work towards making a positive change to our earth and our environment and yet so many people don’t think that their … Continue reading

Today I am Dreaming About……

Today I am dreaming of eating arepa again in the my friends cousins kitchen in Cali, Colombia. The same friend who I met whilst floating down the Nile on a faluca in Egypt. The Nile. That after watching Joanna Lumleys journey down it has made me want to travel it too. Of being stranded on a … Continue reading

My Climate Change Action Story

*This blog post was written for the EmpowerWA website about why I volunteer with the AYCC* They say that young people are the future world leaders. Well I believe this is false. Young people to me are the world leaders of today, and young people have so much power to sway public policy and opinion … Continue reading

The Spirit of Greece

I have been thinking a lot about Greece recently and my time there. This was a photo that was taken in the last few days I had in that magical county before flying home almost a year ago now. I entered a returned exchange student photo competition, and won second place. Below is the text that the competition judges … Continue reading

Inspiration Block

By Morgan Pettersson. I am currently struggling with inspiration. Not so much the lack of it, but the drive to use it. Being a graduate can sometimes be great, and sometimes to be honest, for lack of a better word, it can suck. ‘You need to be published to get published’ is a common mantra … Continue reading

Ethics in Journalism: When To Say No

By Morgan Pettersson. The journalism industry is notorious in the public sphere for its unethical practice. A journalist is right up there with car salesmen and politicians as the least trust worthy people in the world. I could go on for hours about the state of todays journalism, but that is another topic altogether. As a young … Continue reading

Inca Trail: Part Two

By Morgan Pettersson Day Three: Evacuation Day three ended up becoming a 23km hike. We had the usual 16kms that everyone does which was really easy, except for the fact that it poured with rain almost non stop. The only thing was the Peruvian authorities have closed the trail early because of the landslides as … Continue reading

What is But a Name?

The Morgana Question: By Morgan Pettersson. I have started to question whether to change my name or not. I say this in all seriousness. I have always had a complex regarding my name ever since my family stopped calling me Morgan Hannah when I was six. Morgan always sounded like a boy’s name to me, … Continue reading

Jungle Life: Part Four

*This is the final instalment in a four part series, detailing my time volunteering in Manu National Park in Peru in January this year.* Part Four: Saying Farewell to the Jungle: By Morgan Pettersson. I didn’t end up going on the Jaguar hunting trek in the end, opting instead to stay back at camp and … Continue reading