Introducing my new book ‘Antarctic Youth Ambassador: protecting the last great wilderness on earth’

Read my new book, Antarctic Youth Ambassador: protecting the last great wilderness on earth. Journey with me from finding out that I had been chosen as an Antarctic Youth Ambassador, the trials and tribulations of fundraising $20,000, to making it to the ice and beyond. Intertwined into the narrative are facts about Antarctica, the Antarctic … Continue reading

5 Tips to Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

Morgan Pettersson In the North Pacific Ocean, between California and Hawaii, floats an ever growing island. Yet, up close, this island is not what it appears from afar. It is actually a floating mass of marine debris and garbage. And the main component, you ask? Plastic. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch as it is called … Continue reading

Antarctic Youth Ambassador Program Mini Documentary

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be selected for the opportunity of a lifetime to journey to Antarctica on expedition with polar explorer Robert Swan. The expedition was aimed at skilling up young environmental leaders to be able to champion sustainability projects in their home communities. This is a mini documentary that I … Continue reading

I belong with you, you belong with me in sweet harmony

The environment. It is what sustains us. It is what can provide us with food and the tools to create shelter. It can help us to reap good crops, it can lead to drought and lack of resources. Yet what I can not understand is that for many the environment is something that is not … Continue reading

Life in the Freezer

The Antarctic night sky is the brightest and clearest you will ever see – with little light or pollution to block your view it is stunning. Antarctica is a continent of extremes – the harshest, driest and coldest place on Earth and also my home for a night on the ice as part of my … Continue reading

The Green Path

The night sky out here in the valley is so bright and rivals the beauty and pureness of the night sky in Antarctica. When the clouds are not blocking our view I could just look up and stare for hours at the milky way, trying to locate the southern cross and wishing I knew how … Continue reading

Los Monos Territory

Walking down a pathway overgrown with trees, vines and bushes is an eerie feeling. You are on full alert constantly scanning the trees and surrounds for any sign of noise or life. Trees do not move on their own and a rustle from the tree tops makes your turn around and crane your neck to … Continue reading

La Sende Verde: First thoughts

A crash echo’s across the clearing as the three tops shake and the nearby birds shriek in unison. A black spider monkey drops down from amongst the trees and starts walking slowly towards me. Welcome to La Sende Verde animal rescue centre on the edge of the Amazon jungle in Bolivia.  Rescued animals all find … Continue reading

Antarctic Youth Ambassadors Unite to Fight Climate Change

Bella Papadopoulou Dobrowolska and Morgan Pettersson are in a group of 30 young environmental ambassadors about to go on a trip to Antarctica. The two filed this story about the project. We are in a group of thirty young people who are about to embark on an expedition to Antarctica to try to raise awareness about the environmental … Continue reading

Toadlet in Trouble

THE RED-CROWNED TOADLET is facing ever increasing threats, but thanks to some dedicated volunteers, help is on the way. Restricted exclusively to sandstone areas around Sydney, the toadlets’ home has been impacted by habitat loss due to sandstone harvesting for garden landscaping as well as pollution, disease and changed fire regimes. The 3cm-long red-crowned toadlet is … Continue reading