The Spirit of Greece

I have been thinking a lot about Greece recently and my time there. This was a photo that was taken in the last few days I had in that magical county before flying home almost a year ago now. I entered a returned exchange student photo competition, and won second place. Below is the text that the competition judges … Continue reading

The Beginning of an Environmental Conscience

The country may currently be making news headlines across the world for all the wrong reasons, but as Morgan Pettersson reports, whilst Greece may be economically falling apart, the citizens are embracing their environmental spirit. Three months of living in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, allowed me an inside view into life behind the facade of … Continue reading

The End of an Era

I have sadly departed Thessaloniki, Greece, My home for the last three months. The three months have gone by incredibly fast and it was with mixed feelings that I departed. Especially as the weather is getting warmer and warmer compared to the slowly cooling temperatures of Perth as the winter season approaches. I have enjoyed … Continue reading

Greece Is Not For Sale

By Bella Papadopoulou Dobrowolska and Morgan Pettersson Enough with the cuts! Protesters in Greece are demanding that the government slow down its cuts to public sector jobs, health and education. Photos and report from Thessalonliki On Sunday over 100,000 citizens gathered around Greece to express their indignation and frustration with the government’s treatment of the … Continue reading

Thessaloniki: The New Barcelona

By: Bella Papodopoulou Dobrowolska and Morgan Pettersson A local fisherman sits on an old crate next to the port, quietly sipping his coffee watching the world pass by. It has been three hours now and he has only paused to greet the occasional passer by or old friend. The man is drinking a traditional Thessalonikian … Continue reading

Thessaloniki Protests Against Government

Protesters under the White Tower

By Morgan Pettersson Almost ten thousand Thessalonikians took to the streets on the 25th May in a staged protest against the governments handling of the debt crisis. The protest brought people of all ages and occupations to the streets as young and old demanded the current government to leave Greece as the end to the … Continue reading

Cycling Awareness Growing in Greece

By Morgan Pettersson The 4th annual National Bike Ride held on  Sunday the eighth of May attracted thousands of cyclists in Thessaloniki who wanted to spread the message that bike riding is a fun, safe and economical way of travelling. Groups of cyclists across thirty four locations in Greece participated in the event, where cyclists … Continue reading

Giving Style and Giving Back

By Bella Papadopolous Dobrowolska and Morgan Pettersson Whilst the country may be undergoing a debt crisis, the spirit of giving back to the community is still alive in Greece. Giving style and giving back was the message Maria Alexiadou wanted to give to Thessaloniki, at her event Pimp my Kid over the weekend. The event … Continue reading

Is the Greek Economic Crisis a Threat Against Global Climate Change?

The effects of the debt crisis in Greece are beginning to show. Not only has the economy been damaged, but Greece’s environmental future could now be at stake too. Bella Papadopoulou Dobrowolska and Morgan Pettersson report. At a time when the world has come face-to-face with the realities of climate change, individual state policies on environmental issues are becoming … Continue reading

First Impressions of Thessaloniki

My first impression upon arriving in Thessaloniki verged on disappointment. The temperature had barely reached ten degrees and the sky was overcast, cloudy and grey. This was not the Greece that I had imagined or experienced six months ago. I made my way to my hostel with a short detour due to getting lost, and … Continue reading