5 Tips to Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

Morgan Pettersson In the North Pacific Ocean, between California and Hawaii, floats an ever growing island. Yet, up close, this island is not what it appears from afar. It is actually a floating mass of marine debris and garbage. And the main component, you ask? Plastic. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch as it is called … Continue reading

Sustaining the Antarctic Spell

The ship creaks and rolls from side to side. As I lie in bed, incredibly seasick, I begin to wonder why I have signed up to sail across one of the most dangerous oceans in the world. The Drake Passage, an ocean crossing feared by many a hardened sailor for its strong winds, big waves … Continue reading

Life in the Freezer

The Antarctic night sky is the brightest and clearest you will ever see – with little light or pollution to block your view it is stunning. Antarctica is a continent of extremes – the harshest, driest and coldest place on Earth and also my home for a night on the ice as part of my … Continue reading

Antarctic Youth Ambassadors Unite to Fight Climate Change

Bella Papadopoulou Dobrowolska and Morgan Pettersson are in a group of 30 young environmental ambassadors about to go on a trip to Antarctica. The two filed this story about the project. We are in a group of thirty young people who are about to embark on an expedition to Antarctica to try to raise awareness about the environmental … Continue reading

Toadlet in Trouble

THE RED-CROWNED TOADLET is facing ever increasing threats, but thanks to some dedicated volunteers, help is on the way. Restricted exclusively to sandstone areas around Sydney, the toadlets’ home has been impacted by habitat loss due to sandstone harvesting for garden landscaping as well as pollution, disease and changed fire regimes. The 3cm-long red-crowned toadlet is … Continue reading

On this day: Ned Kelly is hanged

ON 11 NOVEMBER, 1880, notorious bushranger and infamous Australian character Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly was hanged for murder at the Melbourne Goal. Kelly and his gang were infamous through Australia in the 1870s for highway robbery, bank swindles and confrontations with local police. After going on the run in 1878, the gang also constructed unusual bullet-proof, … Continue reading

Maths Overtakes the Speed of Light

By Morgan Pettersson Cosmos online SYDNEY: New mathematical formulas have expanded Einstein’s theory of special relativity to allow for travel beyond the speed of light, potentially changing the way we view the Universe and judge distances. Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity, published in 1905, interprets motion based on different frames of reference in space … Continue reading

City Highlight: Kayaking to Penguin Island

Morgan Pettersson gets away from the suburban streets of Perth and kayaks her way to Penguin Island. Set amongst some of the beautiful Western Australian coastline, Penguin Island and Seal Island offer an escape for those wanting to venture out and get an island feel close to home. Both islands form part of the Shoalwater Marine … Continue reading

Street Kids Recycling for a Green Jakarta

*this story went to air on weekly one hour radio feature show ‘Asia Calling’, which is broadcasted from Afghanistan all the way through the Asia region to Australia*  Indonesia is the world’s third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases and lags far behind its Asian neighbours when it comes to garbage disposal and recycling. The capital and bustling metropolis … Continue reading

Concrete Balls to Deter Indonesia ‘Train Surfers’

*this story went to air on weekly one hour radio feature show ‘Asia Calling’, which is broadcasted from Afghanistan all the way through the Asia region to Australia*  Railway staff in Indonesia have started hanging concrete balls above train tracks to try to prevent commuters from riding on carriage roofs. The first balls were installed … Continue reading