On this day: Ned Kelly is hanged

ON 11 NOVEMBER, 1880, notorious bushranger and infamous Australian character Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly was hanged for murder at the Melbourne Goal. Kelly and his gang were infamous through Australia in the 1870s for highway robbery, bank swindles and confrontations with local police. After going on the run in 1878, the gang also constructed unusual bullet-proof, … Continue reading

In Conversation with Becky Crew

by Morgan Pettersson Cosmos Online Former COSMOS online editor Becky Crew talks science communication, how she started writing about weird and wonderful animals, and which animal would reign supreme in a post-apocalyptic world. BECKY CREW IS THE AUTHOR OF the recently published Zombie Tits, Astronaut Fish and Other Weird Animals, a book that details some of the strange and … Continue reading

Concrete Balls to Deter Indonesia ‘Train Surfers’

*this story went to air on weekly one hour radio feature show ‘Asia Calling’, which is broadcasted from Afghanistan all the way through the Asia region to Australia*  Railway staff in Indonesia have started hanging concrete balls above train tracks to try to prevent commuters from riding on carriage roofs. The first balls were installed … Continue reading

The Silent Memorial March

By Morgan Pettersson *This is a story I had go to air on the weekly current affairs show Undercurrent on West TV. Below is the audio visual version* The Womens Council for Domestic and Family Violence works to ensure all women and children live safe and violent free lives. The Silent Memorial March is held … Continue reading

Ethics in Journalism: When To Say No

By Morgan Pettersson. The journalism industry is notorious in the public sphere for its unethical practice. A journalist is right up there with car salesmen and politicians as the least trust worthy people in the world. I could go on for hours about the state of todays journalism, but that is another topic altogether. As a young … Continue reading

Where To From Here?

Without it meaning to my final university semester has snuck up on me, and I am now faced with the similar anxiety that all graduates face. The horrible reality that you do not feel prepared enough to graduate, even though you had planned to be for the last four years. That there are not enough … Continue reading

Docs Own Medicine Does the Trick

By Morgan Pettersson Rockingham grandfather Doc Henning has turned his cancer experience into an inspiration for volunteering, raising funds for research into the disease. After watching his mother lose her battle with breast cancer 19 years ago and his wife more recently survive the same disease, the 64 year old has raised $20,000 for Breast … Continue reading