Introducing my new book ‘Antarctic Youth Ambassador: protecting the last great wilderness on earth’

Read my new book, Antarctic Youth Ambassador: protecting the last great wilderness on earth. Journey with me from finding out that I had been chosen as an Antarctic Youth Ambassador, the trials and tribulations of fundraising $20,000, to making it to the ice and beyond. Intertwined into the narrative are facts about Antarctica, the Antarctic … Continue reading

Antarctic Expedition Travel Log:

I thought it was about to time to post more about the expedition that I went on to the Antarctic in March this year as an Antarctic Youth Ambassador. Below is the travel log that I wrote during the expedition, for more blog posts and video blogs from the expedition check out the expedition blog: … Continue reading

Antarctic Youth Ambassador Program Mini Documentary

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be selected for the opportunity of a lifetime to journey to Antarctica on expedition with polar explorer Robert Swan. The expedition was aimed at skilling up young environmental leaders to be able to champion sustainability projects in their home communities. This is a mini documentary that I … Continue reading

Sustaining the Antarctic Spell

The ship creaks and rolls from side to side. As I lie in bed, incredibly seasick, I begin to wonder why I have signed up to sail across one of the most dangerous oceans in the world. The Drake Passage, an ocean crossing feared by many a hardened sailor for its strong winds, big waves … Continue reading

Life in the Freezer

The Antarctic night sky is the brightest and clearest you will ever see – with little light or pollution to block your view it is stunning. Antarctica is a continent of extremes – the harshest, driest and coldest place on Earth and also my home for a night on the ice as part of my … Continue reading

A Journey South, as far south as it is possible to go

Antarctica. The stuff of legends. Of Polar explorers battling against the elements in unsuitable tailored tweed with husky dogs and sledges. Over six months ago I received an email that changed my life. I often apply for many various programs and from over the one hundred applications I send in I surprisingly am selected for a few things. This … Continue reading