A Slice of Life in the Solomon Islands


Maravagi: The Best Snorkeling in the Solomon Islands

Want to take a day or weekend trip outside of hot and dusty Honiara and don’t know where to go? Well have no fear because the island of Maravagi will give you a slice of tropical paradise only a two hour boat ride away. The trip from Honiara to Maravagi is by small motorised boats … Continue reading

Welkom lo Solomon Aelans

Volcanic masses rise out of the ocean, covered in a mass of green interspersed by coconut trees. Fringed around these islands are reefs of the most exquisite fish and coral you may have ever seen. I am sitting on a beach, on a weekend escape, trying to take it all in. Suddenly a wooden dugout … Continue reading

World Cup Fever in the Solomon Islands

With only two matches left to be played to decide the winner of the 2014 FIFA world cup, I thought I would write about one country in particular that has caught world cup fever. The Solomon Islands. This island nation in the South Pacific has caught world cup fever hard and it seems like everyone … Continue reading