Coconuts and Wanderlust 

There is nothing quite like relaxing under a coconut tree with soft, warm, tropical light filtering through. Check the new Instagram: @coconutsandwanderlust for beautiful content, inspiration, exploration and more! Advertisements

Learning to embrace changing views

Travel is a funny thing. You take off. Bag packed. Shoes tied. Eyes shining bright. But what you find is not always what you thought. It often is much better. Sometimes it is much worse. You find and explore new places. You change your path and go somewhere you didn’t know existed. You return to … Continue reading

Inca Trail: Part One

By Morgan Pettersson. Day one:  Excitement! I had seriously considered hiking the Inca Trail whilst in Peru, but had initially decided against it because I thought it would be too expensive, I didn’t have any hiking boots or suitable clothes and I wasn’t fit enough. Wrong on all accounts it seems. My friend Felicity who … Continue reading

Culture Shock: Australian Edition

Here is a blog post from a study abroad blog which I was contributing to during my time living and studying abroad in Greece. By Morgan Pettersson. I recently returned from three months living and studying abroad in the current economic shambles that is the country of Greece. Having travelled extensivly and lived abroad before … Continue reading

First post

I thought it was high time that I began a blog of travel articles/stories that I have written from all of my travels abroad. I aim to use this blog to showcase not only the places I have been, the people I have met and the adventures that I have had, but also my writing. … Continue reading