Docs Own Medicine Does the Trick

By Morgan Pettersson

Rockingham grandfather Doc Henning has turned his cancer experience into an inspiration for volunteering, raising funds for research into the disease.

After watching his mother lose her battle with breast cancer 19 years ago and his wife more recently survive the same disease, the 64 year old has raised $20,000 for Breast Cancer Care of Western Australia, formally the the  Breast Cancer Foundation of W.A.

More recently the loss of his father and brother to prostate cancer has caused Mr Henning to turn his fundraising efforts to prostate cancer research.

Mr Henning can also be found every second day at a car park or on the beach front in the Rockingham and Mandurah area, selling donated merchandise from the back of his ute, to raise money for his chosen charities.

A retiree who volunteers his efforts independent of any organisation, Mr Henning says he is constantly surprised by the generosity of the public.

“It’s marvellous when someone stops you on the street wanting to know what I’m doing.”

“Just this week, a driver who saw the sign on my ute followed me down Ennis Avenue and stopped me to donate to the cause” he said.

Since May this year Mr Henning has raised almost $6000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and has no intention of stopping until he has at least equalled the sum he raised for breast cancer.

Louise Phillips from the Prostate Cancer Foundation said they were thrilled with Mr Henning’s effort to raise money for the foundation.

“He is a passionate man, fantastic” she said.

Mr Henning says he started out with a very modest target of just a couple of thousand dollars but quickly found the money skyrocketed well beyond his expectations.

He says he’s careful not to push his agenda onto anyone, but if people stop and see the signs and are interested he tells them all about the cause he is campaigning for.

Large companies have also come on board to help sponsor his fundraising efforts, with sizeable donations from the likes of The Swan Brewery, Fosters and Coopers Brewery.

Mr Henning’s three children and 10 grandchildren are supportive of his work. His daughter Debbie and granddaughter Hayley often help him fundraise in the school holidays.


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