Embrace the dirty side of travelling


Enjoy being a little dirty.

Embrace crazy, curly un styled hair.

For us curly-haired girls, recognise that straight hair is a luxury and get excited when you finally have it again.

Don’t wear make up.

Embrace your inner and natural beauty and the way you look without it.

Smile, it adds more beauty than make up ever could.

Get a thrill out of putting make up on for the first time in weeks.

Don’t take any photos, see the world through your eyes not a lens at one destination.

Don’t buy anything.

Purchase that souvenir or that weird hat.

Get ripped off every-once in a while, its ok to own it.

Get to know the sights, smells, heat or lack of it and tastes of where you are.

Spend a lot one day, treat yourself.

Be thrifty and enjoy the best street food there is.

Go to a restaurant alone, sit down, order and enjoy your own company without a book or your phone.

Don’t be a slave to technology, go offline and enjoy the experience of not having to update facebook all the time.

Record your experiences in print, in ink in your own hand.

Be wary of everyone.

Trust that street seller for once, buy something and sit down and chat with them, you never know what stories you are going to hear.


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