Inspiration Block

By Morgan Pettersson.

I am currently struggling with inspiration.

Not so much the lack of it, but the drive to use it.

Being a graduate can sometimes be great, and sometimes to be honest, for lack of a better word, it can suck.

‘You need to be published to get published’ is a common mantra that those in the writing/broadcasting industry know all too well.

Therefore I, like many of my peers trying to stick it out in such a hard industry, are working for free.

Completing internships, work experience, volunteering with local community media outlets.

This is all great in terms of experience and boosting your resume.

But one day reality hits, and you realise that you do need to secure paid employment in order to live.

So the hard question is asked, take a paid menial job in order to earn money to live OR keep working odd jobs and volunteering for experience in the field that you want to work in, which may land you a paid job in the next year or so.

That question for me was raised about a month ago, and after two job offers came along in the same week I took them both.

Dont get me wrong the income is beyond fantastic, and will help pay for a trip to Sydney to complete two internships at the end of the year and hopefully further travel plans, but they are seriously breaking my inspiration mojo.

I am finding that every day I sit at work, I come up with article ideas and inspiration that I am going to carry out when I get home.

Yet when I do arrive home I am so tired that I tend to say ‘oh I will do it tomorrow night, I need a night to chill.’

Working three paid jobs and doing other volunteer things I am really concious of not burning myself out.

Yet its not just that thought of not over working myself that is stopping me from becoming more proactive.

I have article ideas and stories to work on.

I am just not feeling it.

I am hoping that it is just this initial month adjustment period of trying to get into a new routine, but it is worrying me.

Any other graduates or freelancers out there who have any tips or tricks for staying inspired when you are not, or to get motivated to write even when you are too tired, it would be great to hear them!


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