Learning to embrace changing views


Travel is a funny thing.

You take off.

Bag packed.

Shoes tied.

Eyes shining bright.

But what you find is not always what you thought.

It often is much better.

Sometimes it is much worse.

You find and explore new places.

You change your path and go somewhere you didn’t know existed.

You return to places you have been before.

You remember why you loved that place.

You sometimes wish you would never leave.

But sometimes you return and realise that this place that you missed and loved in the past has changed.

Or you have changed.

Something is wrong.

Things that stood out last time as things you found great, are suddenly what you hate.

It can be a disorienting feeling.

You had told everyone to go there.

Waxed lyrical about how amazing it was.

Now you cant wait to get out of there.

And most of the time, it’s not the place, its you.

Things will naturally change over time.

So do you.

Your life outlook and views change.

The things you find important change.

Even the way you travel changes.

So don’t hate on the place.

Don’t get down and  upset.

Remember the good times you had there last time.

Remind yourself of your life outlook and what you now value.

and take it as a lesson that you needed to learn.

About what really matters to you.


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