Long Term Travel Musings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATravel, adventure, living out of backpack.

Most people only dream about it from their computer desks at work.

A select few actually go and do it.

Save up, pack up, take off and do it!

It is scary and overwhelming committing to long term travelling and exciting at the same time.

Suddenly too much free time and no schedule, although what you longed for when travelling previously to a strict time frame, is daunting.

Dont be afraid to go at your own pace, and tell others that you want to travel faster or slower.

Also don’t be afraid to tell people you are with that you need to spend less money, or even that you can afford to spend a little more for something.

Many people are short term travellers, if you are not and need to be thrifty some people don’t understand.

Travel alone, 100% solo relying on your wits and forward thinking.

Have the leisure of hooking up with other travellers and let them make all the decisions for once.

Stay in one place for a while and get to know the people, the streets, the sounds, the smells.

You don’t need to run around with a checklist of places that Lonely Planet tells you to go to.

Enjoy being active and trying something new.

Enjoy spending a whole week doing nothing but read and eat and drink.

Take something from the experience, learn a new language, volunteer, form a life somewhere, join a local sports team.

Write it down, you will regret it if you don’t. But don’t force it.


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