Power Shift 2011

By Morgan Pettersson

As stated in the last article, the Australian government is committing to a price on carbon emissions (as long as the bill passes through the Senate next month) after the legislation passed through the House of Representatives last week.

I also wrote about the Australian Youth Climate Coalitions (AYCC) event Power Shift which was held last weekend in Brisbane and at the start of October in Perth.

The AYCC’s main purpose is to ‘build a generation wide movement to solve the climate crisis’, and do so by empowering young people to become active in positive ways to build awareness and to pressure the government to act on climate change.

The AYCC was thrilled last week when the legislation was passed through the lower house as, they see any movement towards acting on climate change a positive move.

I not only believe in the work that the AYCC do, but I am actively involved in the organisation and believe that anything that brings young people together, fosters positive change and hope, instills leadership skills, educates, is non discriminatory and has no political or religious connections or prejudices can only be a good thing.

I was involved in Power Shift 2011 in Perth and it was the most inspiring weekend of my life, which I was not expecting.

After returning from my overseas travel/live abroad semester in Greece, I wrote a blog post about how un happy, un settled and un inspired I was being back in Perth and away from all the positive and energy filled people I had been surrounded by.

That was until I joined the AYCC, and especially after Power Shift, I found myself surrounded by inspiring, energy fueled and POSITIVE people again who believed that anything is possible and that dreams should be dreamt and can come true.

I don’t think that I have laughed so much in the last three months since I came home as I did every single day at Power Shift, especially with my beyond sensational media girls Georgia and Gabby who laughed at all of my jokes and my ideas to all Irish dance around the green room to re gain our energy.

I used to laugh like that every single day prior to coming home, and it’s not because things are more serious here and that I am living ‘real life’  again, I was living in a country on the brink of disaster with rioting and demonstrations a daily occurrence and waking up every day wondering if the economy still existed in Greece.

I think it is because people get too caught up in their own lives and their own materialism, which is something that really upsets me here in Australia, sure buy that house just stop using it as an excuse to not live life anymore.

The AYCC has reminded me that there ARE young, passionate people who are ready to give something back to the community and to engage actively irregardless of how many other things they have going on in their professional and personal lives.

And to be frank, it is so refreshing, it is indescribable.


What I am most excited about showing in this post is that the videos from Power Shift Perth are here!

1. The stunt video from the flash mob action that everyone who attended was involved in, try not to dance to this!

2. The highlights video showing excerpts from the workshops, interviews with some of the speakers, scenes from break times and also a feature from yours truly at 3 minutes 45 seconds.

If you have NOT heard of this organisation, make sure you check it out!

They will most likely change you life too!



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