A Slice of Life in the Solomon Islands


Antarctic Expedition Travel Log:

I thought it was about to time to post more about the expedition that I went on to the Antarctic in March this year as an Antarctic Youth Ambassador. Below is the travel log that I wrote during the expedition, for more blog posts and video blogs from the expedition check out the expedition blog: … Continue reading

Sustaining the Antarctic Spell

The ship creaks and rolls from side to side. As I lie in bed, incredibly seasick, I begin to wonder why I have signed up to sail across one of the most dangerous oceans in the world. The Drake Passage, an ocean crossing feared by many a hardened sailor for its strong winds, big waves … Continue reading

I belong with you, you belong with me in sweet harmony

The environment. It is what sustains us. It is what can provide us with food and the tools to create shelter. It can help us to reap good crops, it can lead to drought and lack of resources. Yet what I can not understand is that for many the environment is something that is not … Continue reading

Farewell La Senda Verde

After five weeks at La Senda Verde my time working at the animal rescue has come to an end. I am really sad to be leaving but I know that I will be back hopefully later this year or next year to spend many more months here. Each morning when I walk to the restaurant … Continue reading

Dry Season and Monkey Stalker

The dry season is well and truly upon us here in the Yungas region of Bolivia at La Sende Verde. When I first arrived it was on the cusp of the change between the wet and dry seasons and it still rained at night and sometimes during the morning as well. Yet suddenly overnight the … Continue reading

Monkey Madness

A black tail rose above the dining table as the volunteers ate breakfast in the restaurant. As I stared at the tail and started wondering which dog had a black tail a pair of hands reached onto the table and up swung Wara, an adult female black spider monkey. For a second everyone just stared … Continue reading

Bears like Honey

I am now one of two longer term volunteers working with the Bear Care program here at La Senda Verde. The sanctuary has two Andean Spectacle bears that call this place in the amazon basin home after being rescued. Aruma is a five year old male who was rescued from a life in captivity in … Continue reading

Toadlet in Trouble

THE RED-CROWNED TOADLET is facing ever increasing threats, but thanks to some dedicated volunteers, help is on the way. Restricted exclusively to sandstone areas around Sydney, the toadlets’ home has been impacted by habitat loss due to sandstone harvesting for garden landscaping as well as pollution, disease and changed fire regimes. The 3cm-long red-crowned toadlet is … Continue reading

Surprise DNA extracted from ancient poo

A MASS OF 30,000-YEAR-OLD waste material has become the oldest environmental sample from which DNA has been obtained in Australia. In another first, while it was previously thought unrealistic to extract DNA from hot, arid environments, the middens in question were located in the Pilbara region of WA, where temperatures soar. Pilbara DNA extracted from hot, … Continue reading