An Ode to the Afternoon Down Pour in the Tropics

I love when it rains here. The sweet fresh smell of new life emerging from the previous dust and oppressive heat. The streets become deserted and only chickens are brave enough to strut up and down the rain drenched streets. Life returns to the trees. They take on once more a lush and deep green … Continue reading

Selamat Datang di Kendari, Sulawesi

A woman zooms past me on a motobike her arm stuck out at a weird angle. It is not until we come to a stop side by side at the traffic lights that I realise that she is holding a live chicken by the feet. Young boys run past on their way home from school … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of an Expat in Jakarta

By Morgan Pettersson. After living in Jakarta for six weeks, I can guarantee that each day will be different and difficult but fresh and exciting at the same time. The city is a paradox between the extremely wealthy, and the poor but friendly working population. I have realised that it is quite hard to put … Continue reading