A Slice of Life in the Solomon Islands


Embrace the dirty side of travelling

Enjoy being a little dirty. Embrace crazy, curly un styled hair. For us curly-haired girls, recognise that straight hair is a luxury and get excited when you finally have it again. Don’t wear make up. Embrace your inner and natural beauty and the way you look without it. Smile, it adds more beauty than make … Continue reading

An ode to fellow travellers

‘Not all who wander are lost.’ Just because you are constantly seeking does not mean that you are running away. Finding excitement in new places and adventures does not mean you are hiding. Wanting to have new experiences in foreign places does not mean that you are turning your back on home. For those who have never … Continue reading

Tip Toe Through the Tea Fields

By Morgan Pettersson. When you imagine Indonesia, the first thought that often comes to mind is of undulating rolling hills covered in rice fields, dotted with the odd farmer and mountains looming in the background. Whilst this image is not an accurate representation of the diverse archipelago that makes up the country that is Indonesia, … Continue reading

Selamat Datang di Indonesia

By Morgan Pettersson. Halo! Greetings from Jakarta Indonesia. Nama Saya Morgan. Saya orang Australia. That is the limit of my current Bahasa Indonesian skills, hopefully with 40 hours of tuition and immersion they will improve. I am in the crazy, hectic city of Jakarta, my home for the next six weeks. I am here to … Continue reading

A Soiree Through Mui Ne

By Morgan Pettersson Vietnam is a country better known for its past than its present. An image that is often conjured is of the war and the resulting devastation. Yet Vietnam is a country exploding onto the travellers top destination list in recent years. With this new crowd of travellers and tourists arriving in Vietnam, … Continue reading