The End of an Era

I have sadly departed Thessaloniki, Greece, My home for the last three months.

The three months have gone by incredibly fast and it was with mixed feelings that I departed.

Especially as the weather is getting warmer and warmer compared to the slowly cooling temperatures of Perth as the winter season approaches.

I have enjoyed my time experiencing and really getting to know the real Thessaloniki, which many tourists tend to miss.

Thessaloniki has such an underground arts culture, student culture and the city really showcases the ‘real’ Greek spirit which you will be hard pressed to find along the more commonly beaten tourist tracks.

I accomplished so much and experienced so much in three short months that I belive it is worth mentioning in this post.

I met two of the most inspirational girls that I have met in a long time. The Scandinavian upbringing must have something to do with it as not only did they introduce me to a more positive way of thinking and lifestyle but they also have been there for me through my mini depression that has set in since I have been home.

I was able to participate in a range of events and really emerse myself into the culture and day to day life of Thessaloniki. Cycling through the city for Bike Respect and taking over the streets on a Sunday to the disgust of almost all of the motorists attempting to drive was a highlight.

Dressing up as Tiger and running around dancing with children for two days for the charity event Pimp My Kid with Maria Alexadiou taught me that there are still inspirational and passionate people in Greece who are not letting the crisis affect them or their work.

Experiencing the first ever ‘Fashion on Wheels’ event in Greece.

Having my first article published on, and a subsequent second article published as well.

Then getting published on

The feeling of hope and excitement and then despair when you realise that the article you spent so long writing and researching was dropped by a major newspaper after they sat on it for weeks, and its now old news….

The daily life experiences of living in the centre of the city where I lived. The old man at the washing place who would sit and not say anything but one day tried to introduce himself to me as he spoke no English. Even the annoying people who drove around yelling over their megaphones every morning at 9am all became the norm, and part of why I loved the city.

The people on their Erasmus semester who I met who made such an impact on me, and who allowed the Australian whose accent was ‘in no ways understandable’ to crash their Erasmus ride.

Easter in Crete which turned into almost two weeks of camping, fires, caves, lunches on the beach and general deep discussions about life.

My attempts at learning Greek.

My attempts at learning German.

My more bizarre attempts at learning Luxembourgish (yes it is a language).

Mykonos- where a fabulous idea was born on a boat which is yet to be published.

Monday Fundays.

Discovering so much different international music which we ignore mostly in Australia because the lyrics are  not in English.

Learning to fail at speaking the English language or Erasmus English.

Sitting in my apartment eating breakfast with the neighbour playing the piano and the scent of citrus and warmth blowing in through the windows.

Finding out after multiple trips to annoy my real estate agent- that the door to my balcony didn’t need a key after all!

Dealing with the daily Greek way of life- nothing will be done today, and it probably wont get done tomorrow either.

Sitting on Bellas rooftop eating breakfast, sunning ourselves and dancing.

Halkidiki and swimming in March with some crazy northern Europeans.

Learning the unique university system, and with that some equally unique professors. Including smoking inside the offices and classrooms.

The night at the Bazoukia. Enough said.

Countless tavera nights.

Sitting down at the White Tower, eating, drinking and enjoying the atmosphere.

There are so many other memories and times that it would take hours to write it all and days to read.

I am truly thankful for my time in Greece and for the people who I met who all inspired me in some way.


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