Today I am dreaming About….

Today I am dreaming of eating arepa again in the my friends cousins kitchen in Cali, Colombia.

The same friend who I met whilst floating down the Nile on a faluca in Egypt.

The Nile. That after watching Joanna Lumleys journey down it has made me want to travel it too.

Of being stranded on a deserted island like Ms Lumley in Girl Friday, to find out if I would ever be capable of true survival.

Of sailing through these sorts of islands with two great friends.

Even though I am terrified of waves that reach any higher than my hips.

I want to be a pirate on the high seas, to go off course like the true adventurers and discover forgotten lands.

I am dreaming of the blinding whiteness of Antarctica.

Of penguins and the last untouched wilderness of this earth.

Of saving the whales in Southern Ocean from a cruel fate.

Of deserts of a different kind.

Of re exploring the jungles of Peru.

Of Mongolian car rallys.

Of Trinidad and Tobago.

Of New Zealand, Bavaria, Greece, Sweden and African safaris.

I have been to some of the these places.

I will get to all of them.

I have an aching in my bones currently.

All true adventure seekers and travellers know it.

It comes after sitting for too long in one place.

From working those two jobs, 7 days a week, instead of taking a cushy grad job, to save for a year to realise your dream.

Not the dream of others.

The dream changes from day to day.

A dream to find a base in a country or place or vehicle that pleases me for now.

A dream to be able to work and tell stories where ever I go.

A dream to save our environment that is hanging on by a thread currently.

A dream to go back to places I once knew.

A dream to experience places I have never seen, or heard of….yet.

A dream to meet people whose stories change you, repulse you, move you, make fun of you.

A dream to simply just live.

The adventure that I have been longing for has been growing recently, to the point that I can almost burst for the pressure of it.

Some people are confusing this with being sad, or something similar.

It’s not. It is simply that my life is currently too listless.

and I have finally found an outlet for it.

When I heard about 100 crazy people walking over 300kms across the Australian desert, I thought that sounded like my thing.

When I found out it was in support of big solar energy being implemented in Australia, I signed up a second later.

So come mid September I shall be walking across South Australia, over 300kms, in my current state of mild fitness, with a result that may be similar to the time I came tearing out of the Amazon jungle and declared I was going to hike the Inca Trail, and promptly almost collapsed trying to walk up a slight incline in the middle of Lake Titicaca a day later.

So here is to the second half of this year.

Of having those adventures.


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