We need to protect the environment

Yesterday myself and a fellow intrepid adventurer and environmental protector went on an adventure to two small islands near my 3522483-Snork__MichaelJamesDEC_webhouse.

I live on the West Australian coast near the Shoalwater Marine Park which is a protected marine sanctuary including two prominent islands, Penguin Island and Seal Island.

Both islands are named after the inhabitants that call these islands their homes.

Penguin Island is home to the Little Penguin which is the only penguin species to live along the Australian mainland coast and reside on the larger of the two islands.

Seal Island is home to a male sea lion colony who travel up north to breed with the females and it is known as the sea lion ‘party island’ where the boys go to relax and get up to no good.

Between the islands in the marine sanctuary you can also find pods of dolphins and other marine and aquatic wildlife happily living in the protected waters.

Myself and my friend kayaked over the Seal Island and anchored our kayaks off the shore, as a protected island you are not allowed to go onto Seal Island, only Penguin Island.

Yet we were not interested in going onshore, we wanted to snorkel and swim along the reef surrounding the island.

We had just gotten into the water when my fellow adventurer popped her head out of the water and waved at me.
Credit: Ian Beatie Photography
Suddenly another head popped out of the water next to her in the form of a young small sea lion pup who had joined us in water frolicking along the shore line.

Swimming alongside this beautiful creature and watching him intertwine with my friend in the water was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Credit: Ian Beatie Photography

Credit: Ian Beatie Photography

He soon lazily swam off into the reef and we did not see him again for the rest of the day as we explored the reef and the underwater world that was beneath the surface.

This trip though had me thinking one I came back into shore.

These animals that call these two islands home are in great danger, even though they live in a protected marine sanctuary.

Sea level rises and climate change has already begun to affect the Little Penguin colony on the islands and unless we all start living more sustainably and working to protect our environment we may not have these islands and these two colonies of marine animals in the future.

Sea level predictions along the coast line show that a large portion of the coastal area will be under water if sea levels rise as predicted and I began to realise that in order to continue to enjoy the unspoilt nature in my backyard I need to act.

The expedition to Antarctica is going to help me learn more about the tools to use to help protect Antarctica in also the rest of our earth.

I want to ensure that correct policy is put in place to protect our diverse coastline and marine life in Australia through smart climate policy and community action.

In ten years I hope to be able to be back in the same spot swimming with sea lions again, not wistfully dreaming back to a day and age when it was possible.


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